Backers, it’s Marco here, the owner of Labmasu. In the last 5 days a lot of things happened, they are the reason for #eiffelextravaganza super update: 1- The campaign isn’t growing very well lately, this of course was not my expectation. To move it forward I decided to release 2 of the scheduled “new add-ons”. So, let me introduce you: – The A.S.R.ROT, based partially on our background story and designed with the industrial village of Crespi d’Adda (UNESCO heritage) in mind. This building is 27,9 x 18,6 cm and 20 cm tall. The roof is removable and inside you will be able to interact with a furnace, a steam tank and the riveting system. – The Golden Cage is Rougerte’s house. He the most brilliant inventor in Eiffel industries and the first target of the rebellion and “the scrub”. This is a modular building, with inner rooms and stairs, like the previous one is designed with the industrial village of Crespi d’Adda (UNESCO heritage) as an inspiration. The basic building is 30 x 11 cm, 15 cm tall. In its updated version it becomes 30 x 31 cm, 25 cm tall. Take a look at the Index to see more pictures. 2- three new suppliers: I was lucky enough to sign 3 unexpected contracts in a week, for electricity, masonite, and machinery spare parts. Production costs have decreased significantly so I decided to cut pledge and add-on prices. SO PLEASE, Backers, manage your pledge and go to the UPDATED version, you can save money or choose to have same add-ons at the same price. I will remove the old pledges once all of you have moved your choice on new reward levels. WHY? I don’t want to abort the project to reboot it, my goal is to sell our sceneries and become a better-known company. A price decrease is better for you and for me as well, you could save money or have more for the same price, for me is to have you appreciate us even more. 3-Paolo Parente’s Dust: after a short talk with Paolo Parente we agreed to develop some sceneries for his game DUST together. We hope this will help to reach the final goal. attached you can see a hu Please excuse my English, enjoy our new stuff and help us spread the word. Before closing this update please let me share my personal support to Carmen Bellaire. I hope he could get back on his feet and create lots of games in the future. Thank you all, Marco

Eiffel Extravaganza – Paris 1896

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