• Godslayer: Banebrood

    They are the twisted, they are the putrid,  they are the armies of uncompromising brutality which crash like tsunami waves upon the walls of civilization. They are the Banebrood. 

  • Halodynes

    Bronze and blood - these are the bricks and mortar with which the glorious Halodyne civilization was built. Halodynes are accounted one of the five Blessed Peoples chosen by the Asrae gods.

  • Mortans

    The Mortan Empire is the mightiest nation on the continent: expansionist, human culture is at once magnificent and morbid, enlightened and superstitious, eclipsed only by the malevolence of its methods. 

  • disegnati sui vichinghi e le popolazioni immortali rappresentate come nani

    Far to the north, where the white winds howl and the lands are draped with snow, there stands the kingdom of Nordgaard. Steel and stone, flesh and bone, where the earth still speaks and the mountains reach from the fjords to the very sky.

  • La calata degli Unni

    Beyond the unseen lurks a force few men comprehend, for it is inherently magical and ruthlessly brutal yet possesses a rich culture and complex code of honor. They are the Troglodytes.

  • Sul modello delle popolazioni celtiche ed i loro bizzarri culti

    Far beyond the borders of urban civilizations, where all the works of man are swallowed by primeval nature, dwells the mortal race known as the Wyldfolk.

  • La sfida tra l'amazzone Kidoime e l'abominevole Chimera!

    The very first expansion for Godslayer, a product of our. Is the amazing story of the lifelong fight between the Amazon Kydoyme end the terrible chimera.